Expert copywriter

& a master of all

marketing trades

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Expert copywriter
& a master of all marketing trades

I solve problems,

grab opportunities,

ideate all day round,

and execute like there's no tomorrow

I have only one job on your team: to make everyone's lives easier. You want a brand messaging that stands out? Say less. This automation isn't working as expected? Give me a moment. We need to onboard more users without breaching our zero-shill policy? Let's deploy our community managers to relevant Discord servers with a step-by-step on how to invoke genuine interest in our project.

Nothing's impossible when you have me on your side!


Omni Agency Canada

Full Suite Marketing for Web3 Businesses


content strategies

for max attention

My Sauron-like-eyes scour the web for emerging trends aligned with your brand's positioning, while my strategist brain moulds them into content for diverse digital touchpoints to keep your community hyped up.

Here's what you stand to gain from my expertise:

Move more people down into your sales funnel

Show stakeholders how amazing your brand is

Stack millions and buy a sick crib in the Caymans

7 years of helping

brands make the

world a better place

7 years of helping brands make the world a better place

All brands desire a robust online presence for their distinct business goals. Yet, at their core, all of them want to enrich the lives of their community, drive transformation, pioneer innovation and make the world a better place. For the last 7 years, I've been helping them do exactly that with a multifaceted strategy mix that touches on everything between paid ads and content marketing.

"Vanshaj is a marketing genius. His copywriting skills and brand strategy expertise are unmatched."

I highly recommend Vanshaj to anyone looking for a top-notch professional.

Daniel Ong Vanshaj Arora testimonial
Financial Services Director, NTUC Income, Singapore


"Van is always looking for new strategies and methodologies to augment his current capabilities."

Working with Van, he shows great ambition and eagerness to learn.

Tyler Mullins Omni Agency
Founder and CEO, Omni Agency, Canada

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Expert copywriter and a
master of all marketing trades

Expert copywriter

& a master of all

marketing trades